Knowledge Channel Focus Group Discussion 

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13 April 16



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GARC Country Representative, Dr. Sarah Jayme interviews Teacher Zarah during the Focus Group Discussion in Napico Elementary School, Philippines


Last April 14, 2016, the GARC Team together with Knowledge Channel conducted a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) for Grade 3 elementary students in Napico Elementary School, Pasig City and Palar Integrated School in Taguig City.

The FGD was done to determine the appeal and comprehension of the 20 minute video episode on rabies as part of the health series, Payong K!lusugan (Health Advise) developed through the collaboration of GARC with Knowledge Channel. The video have been technically cleared by the Department of Health, Department of Education and Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Animal Industry as well as the Knowledge Channel’s resident Psychologist but ultimately, it’s the kids who will have the last say.

After watching the video, the children (35 in total) were asked what they like/did not like in the video and they were also asked on what lessons they learned. The enthusiastic and diligent students ( some were even taking notes!) were able to identify that the video is about life-saving messages on what rabies is all about, how then can get it, how it is transmitted, what is the first aid for dog bites, importance of PEP, vaccination of dogs and how to avoid being bitten by dogs.

Teachers were also asked about their impression and thoughts about the video. Teacher Zarah, the adviser and science teacher of Grade 3 in Napico Elementary School said that nowadays, videos are more powerful teaching aid for children. This is due to their short attention span and truly, she also noted that the kids did not get bored with the 20-minute video. With honesty, teacher Zarah admitted that rabies is just mentioned in her class but not being discussed thoroughly. For her, the material is very much helpful as most of the things children should know about the disease is incorporated in the it. How the video was presented with storyline and graphics is what she liked the most.

To our surprise, the children did not only learn about rabies, a student shared that he also learned the importance of saying sorry because Marco (lead actor) apologized to his classmate who was bitten since he allowed his dog to go out on the street.

The students also loved the rabies comics and coloring book that were given to them after the FGD and even started reading them. One student was awed and blurted out “WOW! Ang ganda!” (WOW! This is beautiful!”, referring to the coloring book and comics.

The video will be released in time for the start of school this June and will be incorporated in Science and Health Education classes of Grades 1-6. It will benefit more than 4,000 public schools connected to KChannel with more than four million learners; 10,000 out of school youth and adult learners through the Alternative Learning System (ALS); and 100,000 teachers of formal schools and community learning centers. Learners from 1,500,000 plus households with KChannel broadcast will be able to access the rabies episode. Soon the video will be also available for free through the online learning portal of K Channel,

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