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Knowledge Channel
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Dr. Sarah Jayme, Mr. Edric Calma


28 October 15



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GARC Country Representative, Sarah Jayme with Knowledge Channel Transmedia Manager, Mr. Edric Calma during the signing of the Grant Agreement with Knowledge Channel Philippines to create rabies awareness videos and e-modules for children


GARC Partners with Knowledge Channel for Rabies Education Video for Children

Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc.’s (KCFI) Transmedia Division Director, Mr. Edric Calma visited the GARC Headquarters in the Philippines last 28 October 2015 along with KCFI Consultant, Ms. Doris Nuval for the signing of the Grant Agreement with GARC led by its Country Representative, Dr. Sarah Jayme.

This officially marks the beginning of a joint venture between GARC and KCFI to produce a 20-minute learning video focusing on rabies, animal bite prevention, animal bite management, and responsible pet ownership. The video episode will be used as a learning material for the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Science and Health classes required under DepEd’s K-12 program (for elementary students).

In addition to the production of the video, KCFI will also produce an e-module/interactive game corresponding to the video episode to be uploaded on their website ( as well as a session guide for the teachers on how to maximize learning with the video episode and the e-game and promote the video episode and e-game on-air online and in social networking sites.

The video episode will be aired nationwide on the Knowledge Channel television through cable or satellite system. It will be made available for viewing by students and teachers in Knowledge Channel-connected public schools and cable-subscriber homes. It will also be posted on K Channel’s website and included in the K Channel on–Demand package for K-12.

GARC intends to launch the video episode in March, in time for the celebration of the Rabies Awareness Month in the Philippines.

KCFI Profile:
The Knowledge Channel Foundation, Inc (KCFI) is a not-for-profit organization established in 1999. It operates the Knowledge Channel (K Channel), the first and only TV, online, and on-demand transmedia primarily focused on the Philippines’ basic education curriculum.

K Channel has been relentlessly bridging learning gaps in day care, kindergarten, elementary and high school, alternative learning system (ALS) nationwide. It provides 18 hours of educational programming for free to a viewership of some four (4) million children in more than 4,000 schools in 67 provinces.

K Channel develops, broadcasts, and distributes educational programs and content anchored on the DepEd prescribed curriculum for elementary, high school, an alternative learning systems. K Channel online develops games and activities and brings these and the K Channel’s videos worldwide through its website ( and youtube channel (

In addition to content, KCFI packages provide both live and on-demand access through hardware like television and computing devices and connectivity such as cable TV, satellite, and broadband.

The video episode will benefit:
1. 4,007,943 learners of the 4,000+ public schools connected to the K Channel through on-air broadcasts and video on-demand
2. 10,000+ out-of-school youth and mature learners enrolled in the DepEd’s ALS
3. 100,000+ teachers of formal schools and community learning centers with access to K Channel
4. Learners of private and public schools, their parents, and siblings in the 1,500,000+ households all over the country with access to the K Channel broadcast
5. The general public with access to K Channel through their website (

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